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Azure Functions pricing for basic hosting options

Azure Functions are the event-driven, serverless, Function as a Service
(FaaS) offer from Microsoft on the Azure cloud.

The three basic, most popular, hosting options for Azure Functions, have
different pricing models. Prices are for the UK South region on 2022-02-09.


Per second usage and number of executions.


  • Execution Time: this is actually both time and memory, time is affected
    by CPU utilization: £0.000013 per GB-s
  • Total Executions: how many times all Functions are triggered: £0.162
    per million executions

Free: 400,000 GB-s and 1 million executions


Per second usage. 1 year and 3 years savings plans available (saves about


  • vCPU duration: £109.29 vCPU/month
  • Memory duration: £7.798 GB/month

Dedicated (App Service plan)

Regular pricing for App Service. 5 tiers (for both Linux and Windows).
Linux options are cheaper. Windows options gives 1 more: Shared between
different tenants. For top options there are savings plans available.

  • Free (play around): £0/month
  • Shared (dev, Windows only): £7.680/month
  • Basic (dev, test): £10.634/month
  • Standard (production): £59.074/month
  • Premium: £66.753/month
  • Isolated: £224.480/month

To choose the best one, all the features should be compared.

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