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  • About Azure Functions

    What are Azure Functions? Azure Functions are the event-driven, serverless, Function as a Service(FaaS) offer from Microsoft on the Azure cloud. Function as a Service means that we develop and deploy each functionindividually. It is a next step in splitting the big monolithic applicationinto microservices and then into functions. Into smaller pieces to get morecontrol… Read More »About Azure Functions

  • About wrong solution designs

    Yesterday I’ve mentioned that architect should design wrong solutions. This obviously has a broader context. The idea behind this statement isthat architecture should be understood by everybody. We should discuss and reason about WHY a design looks like that. Forexample why there is an async flow for a scenario. Or why a given serviceis upstream… Read More »About wrong solution designs

  • How to win in the IT architecture

    How to win in the IT architecture: Ask WHY too many timesAlways speak after everybody elseDesign wrong solutions on purpose Paweł

  • Microsoft invests in the cloud

    From the recent Microsoft Annual Report for 2022 we can learnthat cloud is the main revenue source for the company. This comes as no surprise as we see companies migrating to the cloud andmoving away from owning and managing their own data centers. From the report:Revenue, classified by significant product and service offerings, was asfollows:(in… Read More »Microsoft invests in the cloud

  • The microservice architecture is for developers

    Sometimes I hear the argument that we need to do microservices for customerexperience. As the more traditional monolith approach (a modular monolith)is seen as slow and clumsy. But this is not the case. The main reason we have microservices is forindependentdeployments. The monolith vs microservice change should have zero impact on yourcustomers. It is not… Read More »The microservice architecture is for developers

  • Azure architecture icons

    When designing architecture and creating documentation, an architect needsicons. Icons about infrastructure, services, networking, security, storage,etc. And specific to a given technology. Ideally from the vendor itself. Microsoft provides a set of icons for Azure and recently (January 2023)they’ve added new icons. You can find them all here: Azure architecture icons. There are 506 icons.… Read More »Azure architecture icons

  • Azure OpenAI service pricing

    Microsoft enables everybody to use OpenAI services on Azure. Currently those are: GPT3.5, Codex and DALEE2 with the ChatGPT coming soon. Looking at prices, the base options are the same using OpenAI directly or by using Azure. For the fine-tuned models there is also a cost of hosting and training (training is charged by hours… Read More »Azure OpenAI service pricing

  • Books and NFT

    My little experiment with writing a book with the help of AI wassuccessful. Today I received my book. Awesome feeling 😎 And the print quality from Amazon KDP is really nice. This makes me think about an idea I had last year, how to connect an NFT(Non-Fungible Token) with a physical book. I was thinking… Read More »Books and NFT

  • Writing book using AI

    I did a little experiment. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to write a book (and publish it) with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). There are tons of AI tools available online in the beginning of 2023. Basically I needed two things: writing a book (text) and illustrating it (images). For… Read More »Writing book using AI

  • Focus on the business value

    As Ben Kehoesaid: Serverless is a way to focus on business value. Think about it. With serverless, you shift focus from code, technology,infrastructure to delivering value to your customer base. Yes, they are important. But they are just an input for the final product,your business value. And serverless gives you the possibility to start from… Read More »Focus on the business value

  • All Azure cloud services – map

    Azure has a nice website with all the services that it offers. You can findit here: I’ve created a visual map of all of them. And as of today (2023-01-13)there are 211 services in 21 categories. There are a lot of services. Some services might have more than one category. The map is located… Read More »All Azure cloud services – map

  • All Azure cloud services

    Every cloud provider has a lot of different services. Like storage, virtualmachines, containers, security, identity or compute. For Azure you can find all of them here: Grouped by category, with search option and links to details. Keep in mindthat some services are in multiple categories. Azure ContainerInstances service is in both: Compute and Containers. Please… Read More »All Azure cloud services

  • The value of serverless

    By serverless we understand a hosting option for our software that does notrequire us to maintain our own servers. And that is the biggest value of serverless. Because if you have your ownservers you have to pay for them and maintain them daily (which also costs). On the other hand, with serverless you have less… Read More »The value of serverless

  • A tale about the value

    Imagine two kids: Alice and Bob. They both get a present from their parents: a balloon. Alice gets a red one. Bob gets a blue one. Parents notice that both children are sad. P: Alice, why are you sad? A: I don’t like red colors P: Bob, why are you sad? B: I want the… Read More »A tale about the value

  • Happy New Year

    2023-01-01 New Year 🥳 I wish you all the best 😀 This year I will start few new things. Launch few projects and products. Let’s make this new year: the year of value 💎 Paweł

  • Architecture Decision Record ADR: the change

    ADR or Architecture Decision Record is a log entry about the decision you are making. Why do this? Because everything changes and you will have to change some decisions. And if you don’t know or remember the reasoning behind the initial decision it is difficult to change it with confidence. And if you change a… Read More »Architecture Decision Record ADR: the change

  • Architecture without architect

    Do you have architecture if you don’t have an architect in your company? Yes, you have. Architecture is how you build the company and your systems. All thedecisions you make. So if you don’t have an architect, make sure you are documenting thosedecisions. With the context around them, different options you’veconsidered constraints, and assumptions. You… Read More »Architecture without architect

  • The OpenAI ChatGPT is the new Google Search

    The new publicly available chat based on the OpenAI GPT language model is areal deal breaker. But not how everybody thinks about it. Yes, it will replace some jobs, willmake some jobs easier and open a lot of new cool possibilities. But the real competitor that should be afraid right now is GoogleSearch engine. Playing… Read More »The OpenAI ChatGPT is the new Google Search

  • CTO hide and seek

    Every CTO that I’ve worked with wanted one thing: visibility. For costs, technology, road maps, progress, you name it. But at the same time companies struggled to deliver that. The overall visibility for, you know, everything. It works both ways though. The business wants to know dev progress. But devs also want to know strategy.… Read More »CTO hide and seek

  • 10 Software Mistakes – 10 – Losing facts

    You could build any report if you don’t lose the facts Problem When government regulations have to be implemented, there are always new tables in the Data Warehouse required. And new processes to feed those tables. It takes additional time to implement. Solution Just use Event Sourcing and store all the facts. Benefit You can… Read More »10 Software Mistakes – 10 – Losing facts

  • 10 Software Mistakes – 9 – Avoid too much DRY

    Simple is better than over engineered Problem When government regulations have to be implemented, they could accidently force regression testing in not related departments. Solution Just don’t use DRY too much. Benefit You will be able to safely introduce changes only for those departments that really need them. Other departments don’t need to know about… Read More »10 Software Mistakes – 9 – Avoid too much DRY

  • 10 Software Mistakes – 8 – Make decisions too early

    You can start development without the details Problem When government regulations have to be implemented, the details could be not known upfront and this blocks the development. Solution Just use Clean Architecture and postpone decisions as long as possible. Benefit You will be able to start development right away and implement storage and UI when… Read More »10 Software Mistakes – 8 – Make decisions too early

  • 10 Software Mistakes – 7 – Avoid knowledge siloes

    Keep the bus factor small Problem Your developers are not your business experts, but they should be. They are writing code to run the business. Solution Just use Event Storming to share knowledge inside the company. Benefit You will be amazed how fast developers can get in-depth knowledge of the business domain. You will save… Read More »10 Software Mistakes – 7 – Avoid knowledge siloes

  • 10 Software Mistakes – 6 – Avoid microservices

    You are not Amazon and probably don’t need microservices Problem When new requirements have to be implemented, you waste time on redesigning the application with the wrong architecture. If you use microservices because of hype then you are doomed. Solution Just use the modular monolith architecture. Benefit You could redesign the code faster without worrying… Read More »10 Software Mistakes – 6 – Avoid microservices

  • 10 software mistakes – 5 avoid overnight deployments

    People do more mistakes working at night Problem When a new feature has to start working on a given day, you have to pay for night duties to deploy it after working hours. Solution Just use Feature Toggles and enable them on specific time automatically. Benefit You could deploy disabled code at any time and enable it at… Read More »10 software mistakes – 5 avoid overnight deployments

  • 10 software mistakes – 4 avoid feature branches

    Feature branches make developers take days to merge to main branch Problem When developing a long-lasting project in feature branches, merging into the main application could take a day or two to resolve all conflicts. Solution Just use Continuous Integration and merge daily to the main branch. Benefit You will resolve smaller conflicts easier and faster and the new… Read More »10 software mistakes – 4 avoid feature branches

  • 10 software mistakes – 3 no time travel testing

    Monthly reports take month to build Problem When doing time sensitive UAT testing it could take weeks to test some features. Solution Just use time travel testing and control application time. Benefit You will be able to test monthly reports on UAT in minutes instead of weeks.

  • 10 software mistakes – 2 manual testing

    Manual testing takes time and is a risk of human errors Problem When doing manual testing, it takes a long time and one could make a mistake or forget about something Solution. Just use Test Driven Development or Test First with a full suite of automated tests. Benefit You will be sure that the application works… Read More »10 software mistakes – 2 manual testing

  • 10 software mistakes – 1 manual deployments

    Manual deployment process is a risk of human errors Problem When doing manual deployment, it takes time and could introduce accidental errors. Solution Set up the Continuous Deployment pipelines upfront, with the very first release. Benefit You will automatically and safely deploy the application in minutes.

  • 10 software mistakes that slow down implementation of government regulations

    By working for 15+ years for different clients I found that there are common mistakes in the design of the software and the development process that could slow down implementation of new features. This is especially visible in the areas regulated by the government, where the time pressure is big and requirements are not so clear.… Read More »10 software mistakes that slow down implementation of government regulations