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Decision to change the infrastructure should be an easy one driven by current architectural drivers

Hi there,

In the Amazon Prime Video article by Maricn Kolny, he said one thing that
was quite interesting: “We experimented and took a bold decision: we
decided to rearchitect our infrastructure”.

What is interesting here is that they have to be bold to make that
decision. I don’t have the full picture, but it has a feeling of “we are
not used to changing infrastructure based on our needs”.

This would be a normal feeling in the old (“on-prem”) days. But now with
the cloud (and they are the Amazon people) this should be as easy as it

Remember, there is no such thing as the final architecture and this of
course includes the infrastructure.

And we know that everything changes, this means that your architectural
drivers will change. And if it is clear that we need other infrastructure,
we experiment a bit (as they did) and then just decide to do that.

No need to be bold. Just change the architecture when architectural
drivers change

You can read the initial article here:


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