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Why maps are better than graphs

Hi there,

I am a very visual person, I like to see things. This not only helps me
remember different things but also allows me to [[collaborate and discuss
different things with others]]

And I like to use many [[different ways to convey knowledge on an image]]:

  • icons
  • colors
  • descriptive texts
  • key for the graphics

And one of those ways is ==space==: the position of one element relative to

And this is why I prefer to create maps instead of graphs. Using graphs you
can move elements around and the graph stays the same. But with maps, if
you change the position of an element, you get a different map, the meaning
has changed.

With maps you get an ==extra dimension for providing knowledge== and enrich
the context.

And you can choose what this one extra dimension will give you. For
example in the [[Wardley Maps]] the X axis is the [[economic landscape
evolution]] so the progression in the maturity of the technology. The Y
axis is the [[visibility in the supply chain]] for providing the

In my maps I often use the X axis as a time dimension and show the steps
through time. You can find my public maps here:

You can choose your own dimensions. Try it with your next graphic.


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