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Will conversational programming with AI produce microbes

Hi there,

I am getting closer and closer to finding what a microbe is. Recently
thanks to the Simon Wardley YouTube video about Wardley Maps I realised
that the driver behind our Infrastructure from pets and cattle to
journey was: ease of building higher order systems.

This is the reason why we moved infrastructure from servers and VMs to
Kubernetes and serverless. Because we wanted to build higher order systems

I already thought that the “microbe” part of this journey will be something
around AI. It will probably be hosted in the AI-driven (AI-operated)
network? Or maybe in the cloud as the infrastructure is quite easy to build.

But the bottom line is that we might stop caring about the infrastructure
at all. As long as it delivers value for users. And we let AI decide how to
build and manage it.

We only need to be able to discuss our needs. And the way to do that is
through: conversational programming. It will then produce all those
microbes that we won’t even notice.

You can watch the videos about Wardley Maps:

And you can see my map about the pets to microbes journey:


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