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Writing book using AI

I did a little experiment. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to
write a book (and publish it) with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

There are tons of AI tools available online in the beginning of 2023.
Basically I needed two things: writing a book (text) and illustrating it

For text, I’ve used the Chat GPT from OpenAI.

For images, I’ve used the Midjourney. And
Canva which I’ve also used for editing the final

And for publishing, I’ve used the KDP from Amazon.

Those are not free for commercial use, but not so expensive either.

And voila! There it is: Instai kitty solves inflation.

I am expecting the delivery tomorrow, and I will write some updates about
the quality of the book.

I think that this is awesome. I could focus on delivering value to
readers without worrying about illustrations and publishing. The whole
process took me just about 2 days. Very value driven. I think AI and
publishing automation will be the future of physical books.


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